Our Money Secret Shared:

How To  Earn Thousands Online 24/7

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Dear Friend,

Yes, we have been successfully using our secret business formula for nearly 6 years already. It has made Loan eXpress the most successful online loan business in South Africa - and now we are sharing it with you!! 

People all over South Africa are feeling the need for an extra income. The effects of the global financial crisis is still hurting everyone - but most do not have the time or the know-how to start a venture to increase their income - therefore we want to share our secret with YOU.

The Magic Is In Our Loan eXpress Referral System 

Every day hundreds of people in our country are looking for loans and YOU can assist them in finding it - AND MAKE MONEY!

I know what you’re thinking - ‘’How can I help other people with loans and ask them money to do so?” and ‘’Where am I going to get the time to assist lots of people in need?”

RELAX - you do not have to have your own money to help others AND you will be financially rewarded by the lending institutions - not by your clients - AND you do not have to interact personally with your clients!

And it works 24/7  - people with financial problems are looking for solutions 24/7 and our secret puts the solution you will be offering at their disposal 24/7 - while you sleep your business generates money!!

AND THE BEAUTY OF IT ALL - our systems do all the processing automatically for you!

     Think About It -

You will be able to

*        finally have extra money to make ends meet

*        have money for the ‘’extras’’ in life

*        have time to enjoy your extra money

*        dream again

All This Is Possible When You Utilize Our Successful Loan eXpress Method 

1.        We assist you to

  1. start your own online loan application referral business, and
  2. help you managing your limited time to earn an extra  income.

2.        We provide you with

  1. the infra-structure (including a dedicated web-page) to refer the applications you  receive, and
  2. administer  the whole referral process for you.

NB - Referrals are processed to registered financial institutions in South Africa

3.        All you have to do is

  1. spread the word that people can apply ONLINE for a loan at your web-page  (that we will provide)
  2. administer and drive your advertising process (online, via newspapers, in local publications, pamphlets,  etc.)

4.        How does your business earn you money?

  1. You will be paid commission (currently 1,5% of the loan amount up to a maximum commission of R1000 per loan) on every successful loan application submitted by your business.
  2. You also receive commission (currently R110) on every application submitted to a lending partner when the applicant pays the required application fee, whether the application is successful or not.

5.        How do I expand my business?

  1. You need to expand your business to enlarge your income. You can help other people to start also start their own businesses and you will earn a commission (currently 0,5% of the loan amount up to a maximum commission of R300 per loan) on every successful lead they generate.

What Income Can I Expect?

See How  You Easily Can Earn R19 550 (OR MUCH MORE!!) In A Month***

If loans to an amount of R250 000 are generated by your personalized web-page

your commission for the month adds up to R3 750

If you have only one assistant doing the same as yourself

        your commission on the assistant’s turnover adds up to R1 250

If you have another nine other assistants doing the same

        your commission on the nine assistants’ turnover adds up to R11 250

If 30 of your loan application have been submitted to lending partners

        your commission adds up to R3 300


*** Your actual monthly income depends on your advertising campaigns, the number of Business Assistants you have and the motivation of yourself and your Assistants. Your income may vary from R100 /month to R25000 /month or more.


What Is My Investment?

 The ONLY financial investment you have to make with LoaneXpress is a R10 monthly affiliation fee. (Payable annually in advance)

Special Bonuses If You Respond Now

Bonus #1        More than 15 % DISCOUNT on first affiliation fee

If you respond NOW the total affiliation fee for the first year is ONLY R100

Bonus #2        Our Free Advertising Tutorial Course

We provide you with FREE information and tips on how to advertise your referral business. This guide is usually sold for R275 to new members, but for the next 30 days you will get it for FREE when you join. The tips in here will save you thousands of Rands already.

Bonus #3        Our eBook ‘How to Expand my Business’

This eBook is not for sale at all, but for a limited time is included for FREE in your membership. If you want to make the BIG MONEY, then read this guide and discover how to get your business to a flying start FAST.

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Mike du Toit

Managing Director, Insurgency Finance (Loan eXpress)

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PPS - I promise to help you succeed step-by-step, but you have to ACT NOW!